Cold laser therapie

600-660nm : Best for more superficial therapies and best for absorption by the blood. This wavelength is the second best for atp release and also for interaction with melanin and has the highest absorption rate in blood. Erchonia and Aura are the big manufacturers who works mainly in this wavelength only but many other manufacturers uses it as a supplemental or secondary wavelength. 910-980nm : Recommended for increasing circulation and one of the most popular wavelengths for class 4 systems. Most of the energy at this wavelength is converted into heat (helpful to increase circulation and muscle relaxation) Any energy that voorthuizen is converted into heat, is not converted into chemical energy by the cells. This frequency has become very popular because the manufacturers prefer this wavelength because the diode are really cheap since they are also used in surgical lasers. Surgical laser manufacturers say that they use 980nm because it is perfect for cutting and carburizing. 900-910nm : Best for increasing oxygenation from the iron in hemoglobin. These system are the safest lasers because of the the pulsing technology used in all nm systems. These system typically deliver low dosage but make up for it with high peak power and an emphasis on pulsing.

cold laser therapie

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The following table shows sample dosages for a small/shallow and large/deep injury and calculates the treatment times to get the same energy concentration evenly distributed over the treatment area at the desired depth. This table illustrates how treatment area and depth increase the required dosage and then power determines the treatment time for that condition. Treatment Area (cm2) Depth (cm) Treatment Dosage (J) Time for 100 milliwatt system Time for 1 watt system Time for 10 watt system Arthritic Thumb mins 1 - 5 mins 60 seconds lb pain,000.8 - 27 hours 5 - 166 mins 1 - 16 mins. Lower dosage might bring relief in some cases but these recommended dosages bring more consistent results. Cold Laser Comparisons When comparing lasers, the key factors that you are paying for are wavelength, power, pulsing and continuous options, coverage area, protocols and training. Wavelengths Used in Laser Therapy In general, each wavelength interacts with the cells in your body in a unique way. If you want to read more about the advantages and disadvantages of each wavelength, read our article on " wavelengths used in the laser therapy ". 800-860nm : This wavelength is best for increasing cytochrome c oxidase and adenosine tri-Phosphate (ATP). It is our recommend for anyone seeking the best long-term benefit and it is offered by every single manufacturer we sell. This wavelength provides the best combination of depth of penetration and photo-chemical reaction. If you only buy one wavelength, this would be our recommended primary wavelength.

cold laser therapie

by stimulating an acupoint. In this case, a focused low level laser beam is used to concentrate all the energy from the cold laser into a very small area. Cold lasers are often compared to "acupuncture with a laser beams". In lll laser puncture treatments, the laser beam is use to trigger the body's acupoints without the fear or pain of needles. The maximum safe power for these concentrated energy systems is 500mW. If you read our analysis of the dosage numbers, you will see that 5mW laser pointers will never achieve a adequate dosage in a reasonable time. Broad Treatment Therapy In many cases, a practitioner may not be targeting a trigger point, they will choose to use a cold laser to energize a larger area of damaged tissue in the body. In this case, a cold laser with a broad focus (larger than the size of a dime) and the correct wavelength are used to penetrate the deep tissue with photons direct energize the area. These large emitters can cover areas up.6 inches square. The larger treatment area increase the chances of stimulating any damaged "hot spots". Larger emitters also can reduce the treatment time and provide a more even energy distribution over a larger treatment area. The size of the treatment area and the depth of the treatment area often dictates a minimum power requirement.

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The average cold laser therapy session cost from 30 to 200. The average cold laser costs from,000 so the return on investment (ROI) on purchasing a cold laser can be as little as 4 months. Because cold lasers help activate human and animal tissue at a cellular level, cold lasers can be used for cervical (neck) pain, lumbar (low back) pain, wrist pain and injuries (carpal tunnel elbow and joint pain and injuries, lower extremities pain, foot and ankle pain. You can use the research tool at to search for published scientific studies, books, videos and other resources. Some products are used for smoking cessation using tcm acupuncture points. No laser is fda cleared for smoking cessation so you must be a member of an irb (Investigation Research board) to legally advertise that you can treat patients for smoking or drug rehab therapy. There are 2 basic styles for treatment using cold lasers, haar pinpoint treatments ( acupuncture, laserpuncture or trigger point) and broad therapy. Each treatment style has a different goal and different equipment requirements. In many cases, the same condition can be treated with 2 totally different strategies of cold laser therapy. Pinpoint Direct Application Strategy Treatment of meridians, trigger points, acupoints, small body part or lymph system that controls the problem area. Direct treatment of the damaged tissue in the problem area.

cold laser therapie

Currently, there are over 40 different cold laser manufacturers that have products that have been cleared by the fda for various types of treatments. Cold lasers have been used around the world for over 30 years and have been in use in the us since 2001 when Microlight got the first fda clearance. Low level laser therapy or soft laser therapy has been proven completely safe and effective in hundreds of worldwide studies and there are lots of great books to help users get the most out of their laser. The power level of therapeutic cold lasers ranges from 5 milliwatts (0.005 watts) to 60,000 milliwatts (60W). This energy can be created using one laser diode or an array of laser diode. In low-end therapy devices, it is generated using leds or slds. In many systems, an array of laser beams can increase the total power output with less risk of heating since the energy is evenly distributed over a large area. Since finding the optimum treatment spot deep inside the tissue is somewhat of an "educated guess it can be very useful to have a larger aperture on the treatment probe. This increases the probability of getting the photons to the problem area and larger emitters also also help increase the energy in the area surrounding the main target area. Emitters that use a combination of different wavelengths also have a better chance of treating tissue at different depths since different wavelength have different absorption rates and can interact with the cells in different ways.

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Fda clearance of Cold Therapy lasers over the years, we have tried to summarize a lot of information about different cold laser technologies and styles of cold laser therapy. The fda cleared applications for cold lasers (sometimes called low level lasers, soft lasers or therapy lasers) are pain control, inflammation reduction and increased blood circulation. Some manufacturers have extended these claims to include accelerated healing but that is not an fda cleared claim. There are over 4000 positive published studies, dozens of books and hundreds of videos showing the efficacy of cold lasers to treat a variety of applications. We have sold systems to several branches of the. S military, the veterans Administration, the us indian health Services and many medical doctors (MDs) but acceptance of the technology is still held back by insurance companies who falsely think they are saving money paying for lifetime prescriptions for painkillers when a one-time laser purchase. Even with over one million lasers current in the hands of professionals and home users, many people still question the efficacy of cold lasers but the momentum of laser therapy is growing. Unlike hot medical lasers, which are widely used to cut and cauterize tissue, low level Lasers (LLLs) or cold lasers penetrates the surface of the skin with minimal heating effect. We sell several different class 4 lasers that will warm the treatment area but these are still in the same category as cold lasers because they are not hot lasers. In most cases, cold laser therapy is considered an alternative therapy like acupuncture, message therapy, chiropractic, herbal medicine, message, and physical lang therapy because it does not require surgery or a life-long prescription to drugs. Practitioners have supported treatment options like ultrasound and electrical stimulation for years and now there is a lot of interest in cold lasers as a supplement to their practices. Therapy lasers have provided relief for hundreds of millions of patients and they work perfectly in combination with many other traditional and alternative modalities. cold laser therapie

If the dosage is too little, nothing happens. If the dosage is too high, we do not worry about a life threatening overdose but we waste a lot of time and money and get less positive results. Dosage for laser therapy is measured in total joules or joules/cm2 at the depth of the damaged area. Larger treatment areas and deeper areas require more dosage. When Turner and Hode analyzed all the unsuccessful studies on lllt that people use to discredit laser therapy, they found in every case that the dosage was too low that they should not have shown positive results. Throughout this website, you will see information about how different conditions require different dosages and how different lasers are best suited for different applications. There is also a lot of misinformation about cold lasers on the web. Low power laser manufacturers publish studies and articles trashing higher power laser manufacturer and vise versa. When we first started doing research, it was so confusing that we built this site to help people clear through the fog of conflicting claims. We don't bash any science-based systems because we know each system has a niche but our general rules are "if it looks like a laser pointer, it probably is a laser pointer" and always check the specs.

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We do not promote products that have extraordinary or magical claims that are not based on traditional photobiomodulation. We avoid products marketed based on pseudoscience like scalar waves, quantum waves, soliton waves and zero point energy (1). We like to stick to science based products and we don't see any reason to make mystical claims when the science is so solid. We like to stick to the facts and specs. There are some people selling very questionable products including stickers that magically boost the power output of a lasers so buyers must beware. The core of laser therapy is based on using lasers to drive a specific wavelength of light energy into the cells to directly stimulate the mitochondria (a light sensitive component inside every cell) to convert glucose into atp (adenosine triphosphate). Atp is considered by biologists to be the energy currency of life. It is the high-energy molecule that stores the energy our bodies need to do just about everything including cellular motion, cellular division, protein synthesis and repair. Other Research shows laser therapy results in the manipulation of inducible nitric oxide synthase (inos) activity, suppression of inflammatory cytokines such as tnf-alpha, il-1beta, il-6 and il-8, upregulation of growth factor production such as pdgf, igf-1, ngf and fgf-2, alteration of mitochondrial membrane potential due. Dosage, dosage, dosage The single most important factor in successful laser therapy is getting the right dosage. Special pulsing and wavelengths can help tweak the laser for maximum results but dosage is the key. Just like we see in the pharmaceutical industry, delivering the correct dosage is the difference between success and failure.

cold laser therapie

We sell, avant, aspen, apollo, best chattanooga vectra genisys, laserex, powerMedic, pilot, terraquant, 3B Scientific, rg500i, vl500 systems and we often have used Microlights for anyone look for an extremely low power system. In the past, we have sold several other leading brands of cold lasers so we know all the major brands of therapy laser so we can help you learn more about all your options, the technology and the best applications for each device. If you browse our laser buyer's guides, you can see specific recommendations based on your application including treatment of horses and companion pets. We also make different recommendations based on broad coverage therapy versus laser acupuncture and trigger point therapy. If your goal is unattended comprar laser therapy, this significant reduces your options but there are still some good options. In the field of dentistry, we offer several good dental lasers. We have different recommendations for professional therapy lasers versus home laser systems but our cold laser guide shows all the biggest lasers on the market so it is a great article to compare options. We can help you find a quality laser to meet your budget requirements. We sell to doctors and consumers so feel free to call us at or use the chat option to get help. Org we present information and specifications of many different professional grade lasers even if we do not sell these products (including Thor, medx, Erchonia, vetroLaser, k-laser, and LiteCure). Unlike exclusive sales people, who must sell you their product even if it is not a good fit, we feel than an educated consumer is a happier customer and we want buyers to understand all their options and their regional regulations and help them. All these products have a good reputation with professionals and practitioners so they are all worth investigating.

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The coldLasers store and training center is located at 921 main Street in old town louisville,. We are the nation's only brick-and-mortar therapy laser store focused 100 on cold lasers and photobiomodulation. We work in all areas of cold laser development including independent research to help determine the best parameters for laser therapy and we work with laser manufacturers and customers to help specify products that buyers want. We summarize laser therapy regulations, operate our own test lab and we have created an awesome cold laser therapy research tool. We also have developed the state-of-the-art cold laser protocol library. What really makes us stand out is that we are independent of any one technology or manufacturer so we can give you unbiased advice about which system should best meet your needs and we will beat anyone's price on any system. We sell a wide range of cold lasers (class 1 to class 4) so we can help you find the best laser system for your needs and we won't tell you that one laser system is always the best because it is not true. Each product we sell has an sweet spot. The best system for you depends on your needs and we understand that. We only sell systems that meet our minimum requirements so we do not sell any system with a power level less than 500mW since underpowered lasers are bad for the laser industry because they do not deliver the adequate results.

Cold laser therapie
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